Professional programmable Tester for 12V engine start batteries (automotive/marine) from 2 to 200Ah rated capacity

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The TestMate AUTO AUTO is an easy-to-use portable battery tester specifically developed for all 12V egine starter batteries ( AUTOMOTIVE / MARINE ) from 2 to 200Ah (SAE) rated capacity. Batteries of various different types of construction can be accurately tested for service-readiness & the amount or percentage of SAE rated CCA remaining, by way of 2 selectable programs.


Connect the battery clips to the correct battery terminals. ( if you connect them incorrectly the screen will remain blank ) If the contact between the tester’s clamps and the battery terminals is not good, “ CHECK CLAMPS”, will be displayed. Otherwise you will view the following screen.

The operator is asked if any accessories are left on, as a possible cause. If accessories are left on, the operator is instructed to charge and retest the battery. If accessories are not left on, the operator is instructed to replace the battery, since the charging system is working and a good battery should have accepted a charge.

Press «ENTER», return to step 5, or remove the test clamps from the battery posts to end the test.

(motorcycle, ATV, PWC):
Modern power-sport batteries, especially sealed AGM & GEL types, have higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) to Amp-Hour (Ah) ratios than automotive starter batteries. The TestMate Automobile will not provide accurate results for power-sport batteries.
For an approximate CCA rating of a fully charged power-sport battery, divide the CCA result by 1.5 and compare to the manufacturer’s CCA rating. It should be equal or higher than the rated CCA.
E.G. After test, result = 330CCA. Approximate value = 330 / 1.5 = 220CCA.

The TestMate Sport will provide accurate results when testing power-sport batteries. Information at www.tecmate.com.